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Please complete the form with the REQUIRED information. Note: The quality of your poem is dependent on the accuracy and the details your provide.

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  4. Your Relationship to Recipient
  5. List FIVE Characteristics of Recipient (example: fun, happy, moody)
  6. A Short Description of Recipient's Interests
  7. Describe any Event or Situation You Want Me to Write About - Write as Much as You Want
  8. Additional Details You Want Mentioned About Recipient
  9. Tone of Poem (example: upbeat, silly, sentimental)
  10. OCCASION for Poem (example: birthday/anniversary)

In order to assure the greatest security of your payment information, payments will be processed through stripe.com and will appear on your credit card statement as Jake Baby Custom Poetry.

Disclaimer: Not all of the information you have given me may appear in the poem. The content depends on the length you have requested, and how it all fits together.  I will do my best to maximize your details to the best of my ability!

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