Happy Birthday

Darling sweetie pie Cindy,
You've hit your most special day,
It's becoming confusing, and a true cause for boozing,
These big numbers make us shout out OY VEY!

But then we just look all around us,
And things are beaming quite bright!
Our priorities shifting, a reduced need for gifting,
Knowing what's really good brings full on delight!

OK I am talking about CC,
The best Grandma Queen of them all!
Grant, Ella and Evie, a true Grandchild bevy,
I know you are having a ball!

So with babies all gathered around you,
And your beautiful "grown" children as well,
We'll have a drink and a toast, and about YOU we'll boast,
Cuz we love you...and we think you're just swell!!!

We love you with all our HEARTS
Jackie and Skipper

Anniversary Wishes

Wowie wow wow today's the day,
You can celebrate with vigor!
September 4th, holds sweet meanings,
We attend to all with rigor!

You are a great and adorable couple,
We honor you completely,
Have the bestest day, in every way,
And toast each other sweetly!

We love you tons and always will,
Have fun from dawn till dark!
Anniversary cheers, you little dears!
You still have that crazy spark!!

We love you oodles!


Oh, wont you please come join us?
Were gathering a bit before the day.
A sweet little lunch, with a quintessentially fun bunch,
To celebrate in a most special way!

Our baby is going to be thirty!
Its a shocker for us, its so true!
Shes elegant and great, this is so easy to state,
Shes a gem as we know, through and through!

So well eat and well toast to our "Tinkerbell",
Katie is sublimely Divine!
So please be our guest, say YES to our request!
We just know it will be a super fun time!

Tuesday, March 6th
Hudson Place
538 3rd Avenue at 36th Street
12:00 NOON

Mother's Day

Motherhood is certainly complicated,
We all know that this is FACT!
Our experiences are vast, in the present and past,
Being Mommy is a fun, tricky act!

I take off my hat to salute you..
As a sister in the bond we all are..
Taking a pause in this day, to send greetings your way..
As a Mommy you've "raised up!!" the bar!!!

Have a great day...I'm sure you are celebrating!
Take a moment to reflect on your glory..
Your children are beauties..straight up American cuties..
Love to you..that's the end of this story!!!


Thank You Message

Darling Gila and Darling Rafi,
You are sweeties and such a great pair!
The earrings are the best!
They passed the 24 hour test!
They are gorgeous and perfect to wear!!!

It was so wonderful, as always, to see you,
Being together is ALWAYS so great!
It's so great to spend time,
In fact it's really quite divine!
We look forward to a "near future" date!

We are off to Seattle and flying..
Wi-fi in the air is simply a sensation!
My ears are decked out!
I say this with a SHOUT!
I'm sending THANK YOUS with love and elation!!!

Love you