Read the words of our customers on their experience with JakeBaby Poetry. 

“Jake Baby Personalized Poetry is my secret weapon in making special occasions even more special. I’ve used this service for birthdays, invitations, graduations, and special thank yous. You pick the tone, and give details, and JakeBaby comes up with a very personalized poem that can be funny and or touching, but most importantly, thrills the recipients! This is truly a gift that keeps on giving. Everyone loves to feel unique and special. Nothing does that more than a custom poem, written just for them and incorporating information just about them. Jake Baby poems are light and engaging and funny and most of all, PERSONAL. Jake Baby has been doing these for years for herself, her family and friends….and how lucky that you too can enjoy what so many have been raving about for years.”

“Jake Baby’s poetry is personal, meaningful, thoughtful and clever. It is fun, witty and contemporary poetry written for any occasion, any time and anybody.”

“Jake Baby’s a whiz. Give her the details and before you know it, she will have an extraordinary poem for you in perfect iambic pentameter.”

“Jake Baby's poems are whimsical, warm and clever. They always make me smile.”

“I might be biased – because Jake Baby is my mom – but I know my memories of my life would not be as special as they are without her poems. Always genuine, heartfelt, creative, fun and loving, I look back on my 30 years with wonderful memories of unique words and memorable quotes from her poems. If only everyone could experience the heart and brilliance of her words once as I’ve been beyond lucky to do my entire life.”

“Jake Baby’s poetry is something everyone should experience. Her wit and creativity in her poems is wondrous and fun, and receiving a poem from her has always been the highlight of my day! It is a very unique way for someone who wants to send a very special message to a very special friend….”

“Jake Baby’s poetry is the ultimate in celebratory prose. She is very clever and her use of rhyme and rhythm totally capture her subject matter. I have been the subject and the recipient of her poems and thy are amazing!!”

“Jake Baby has a gift of creating just the right poetry to celebrate a personal event in your life. I treasure the poetry I have received over the years and keep it in a special file to revisit over time”.